Georgia State Queens! You are invited to Cruise with us! Your tickets are PAID! 


Southern States Queens! You are invited, also, with discounted tickets you may purchase!  


Georgia State Queens! You are headed to Hippie Fest! MOMS: you are too! Georgia Queens and the Moms are PIF for your tickets! March 14, 2020! 

Southern State Queens! This is for you! Hotel for one night, a Free Meal at Hard Rock Cafe, a Free Day Pass to DOLLYWOOD and a FREE Day Pass to Rock City! 


Georgia State Queens AND Southern State Queens! Your Christmas party is planned! One night for Georgia Queens, December 4th, and one night for Southern States Queens, December 5th, in the beautiful Mountain Valley Farmhouse! A hot tub, fire pit and Gorgeous views! We will have a gingerbread decorating party on Saturday and a low country boil out at the firepit Saturday evening with a gift exchange! 

Moms! This one is for you! Come experience a relaxing half day at Cavender Creek Winery in Dahlonega, Georgia where you will receive 2 free glasses of wine! We will have fun and separate activities for the queens while you relax and enjoy a one of a kind winery! Spring 2020!

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